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What it is/does Application
DT-DESim An operation simulation modeling & Tool of a system that operates in an irregularly occurring form Traffic, production, forest fire, disaster, war game, etc.
DT-HSim Hybrid system modeling & Tool for sequential time simulations and irregular events Manufacturing process with sudden events, Automatic driving, Effect of Arm, etc.
DT-CASim Cellular Automata modeling and simulation tool for structure of second, third-dimensional grid-like model Diffusion path of chemical, gas and fluid, velocity estimation (harmful gas, pollutant)
DT-RVSim Simulate a given simulation model in the reverse direction: System optimization, finding input values that satisfy desired output values production process, optimization, efficiency improvement for design and finding parameters, etc.
DT-DEXP A parallel simulation tool that copies the same model into multiple processes to run different scenarios simultane-ously. Duplication simulation, Monte Carlo simulation
DT-SADP Interfaces that link Run Time Infrastructure (RTI) with arbitrary applications DB, arbitrary application such as situation program related HLA and RTI interworking