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Core Technology
What is BAS ?
As a “smart modeling simulation technology”, a proprietary technology of KDTLab’s , which analyze, design, optimize a system by simulation.
This is completed by Big Data based AI machine learning Overcoming the incomplete model due to the limit and lack of knowledge.
BAS system : Big Data + AI + Simulation
Why BAS ?
  • BAS is a machine learning embedded simulation model which secures both accuracy(reliability) of Data model and analysis diversity of Simulation model.
  • BAS makes digital twin not only for system managing purposes but also for system design and verification purposes.
  • Useful for operators of assets management and manufacturers of products. (Predictive Maintenance/Service, Collaborate Engineering/R&D)
Value of Digital Twin (DT) and Simulation Modeling
  • Digital model (past / present / future) simulation
    → Provide insight into the design / operation / maintenance of the subject
  • The solutin to develop digital model of high fidelity
The digital twin (DT) using BAS overcomes the limitation of scope of application of machine learning data model, and can complement the weakness of the simulation model
  • Complement or replacement of Insufficient information
    (equations/functions, parameters, etc.) developing the model.
  • Improving the accuracy of the simulation model and providing the effect of performing validation in advance.
  • Achievement of shorten execution time for deriving simulation result