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Experience WaaS (Wisdom as a Service) by KDTLab’s BAS
Utilize the BAS technology provided by KDTLab Co., Ltd., which covers the prediction and optimization region as a human being insight beyond the knowledge based services.
BAS : Big Data + AI + Simulation
→ Platform that implements the realm of wisdom
Solve the problem by creating a Digital Twin on Cyber
It is difficult to make accurate predictions about something when not yet having it in real.

BAS technology of KDTLab Co., Ltd. provides a solution to create and verify the same system (digital twin) on cyber.

Depending on the accumulated past data (Big Data) information, it can not cope systematically enough with new and unexpected new events.

You may also want to know what to do about the input (Input) to get the expected result (Output). The Trial and Error method is costly and time consuming.

Utilizing the services of our digital twin and BAS will help you and give you the solution to solve these problems.
KDTLAB aims to be a BAS-based digital twin specializing company.
Digital Twin is
which continuously reflects the behavioral characteristics and operational status of physical objects(Models)

a simulation (execution) of the digital model for the purpose of monitoring the situation of the relevant object, diagnosing, predicting, and optimizing the operation

the same physical property (object) which can exist many depending on the purpose (necessity)

the technology which Gartner selected as one of the top 10 strategic technologies from 2017 to 2019